Khan of Kalat's speech at the Conference.

Following is the speech of  Khan of Kalat, given at the Balochistan International Conference,
organized by Baloch Society of North America, at Carnegie Center for International Peace,
in Washington DC, on April 30, 2011.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and my fellow Baloch,

Assalam Aliyakum,

Today I am going to share with you the pains of the mothers who's children are missing. I am also sharing the pains and suffering of 10000 missing young
men who are suffering in the illegal unknown Pakistani detention centres, the pains of mothers, fathers’, sisters daughters and wives who do not know if
their loved ones are dead or alive.

Ladies and gentlemen,

People of Balochistan deserve better from Pakistan, Balochistan provides most of Pakistan's cheap resources without Balochistan, Pakistan would not
survive. In return there is no single week that goes by without recovery of Baloch dead bodies, their torture sustained bodies are dumped everywhere in
mountains and on road sides. The Pakistanis are even dishonouring the Baloch dead bodies. They have no respects for the Baloch custom ,they do not
have human dignity and Islamic values too.

Respected scholar, journalist and author Selig Harrison described the situation slow motion genocide, for me it is full genocide; the only difference is the
international community has chosen to be silent for the reason beyond our understanding.

It is beyond my understanding to why death torture and forced disappearances of the Baloch are tolerated; the American and European weapons are being
used against unarmed Baloch. The townships and villages are bombed out completely and ground is being prepared for oil, gas drilling and exploiting the
natural resources. The Baloch as human beings deserve better.

International community and intergovernmental organisations should not ignore the Baloch cries for help. It is beyond my imagination that Pakistan, recruits,
shelters, trains,and instigates terrorism against American interests and  yet again Pakistan is rewarded with billions of dollar out of American and European
tax payers pocket.

It is said that evil thrives upon the silence of good men. I believe most western countries are aware of crimes committed against not only Baloch but
humanity. Exploitation of resources by Pakistan with the help of the international companies are increasing.  This exploitation must stop immediately and
multinational companies behaviour must be condemned. Balochistan is an occupied territory and it must be treated as such by the international community.

In pursuit of  mineral and energy resources the multi-national companies should not ignore the Baloch right to their ancestral home land. The Baloch are a
peace loving nation. When their existence and identity is under threat they have all the right to defend there interests and land from exploiters.     

In the 1948 Balochistan was annexed to Pakistan against the will of its people.  Pakistan is an occupying force, I therefore call upon USA, European Union
and UN to recognise Pakistan as an occupying force, because I believe the will of people is sovereign. In 1947 the people of Balochistan had willed for  
independent Baloch and  are  still  demanding for an independent Baluchistan, I believe that the will of the people of Balochistan will win.

Balochistan's vision is that it will be a democracy and one man one vote . No body will be superior or inferior , all will be equal. The one who is on the
mountain or the one who is agitating on the streets. whether he is doing or asking for his rights. All of them who are living on this land from Arand and Dajal (
southern punjab), or from the desert and plains in southern Afghanistan to the sea , from Kirman to Bander Abass and from northern Sindh we all are Baloch
. Our thinking and heart should be as big as this vast land of ours.There should be no "I" or "me" but  "we all Baloch", to fight our enemy who is very powerful.
There is a saying in Balochi,"Hoshter Boboo door Bechaar, Her Maboo Paadey dema Machaar", (which mean, be a camel and see far ahead, don't be a
donkey and see your hoves). In the interest of Balochistan we all should unite and we will prevail.

I congralute Dr Wahid Baloch for organising this conference. Well done Doctor. I also want to congratulate Peter Thachell, Annie ,Wendy Johnson, William
Marx ,Declan Walsh, Karlos Zurutuza (the Journalist from Spain), Micheal Hughes ,Munir Mengal, Andrew Eva, every journalist and Baloch who have taken
the voice of Baloch to the Quarters concerned in the international community it could not have been possible without these friends of the Baloch and many
more who I don't want to name.

Thank you all. God bless you.

Balochistan Zindabad.

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