Report to US House wrongly
says Balochistan wants
Serious blunders on politics and history of Balochistan have been spotted in a report submitted to the U.S. House of Representatives.

The report entitled "Baluchistan and Baluch Nationalism: the U.S. Interests" was submitted to the Oversight and Investigations
Sub-committee of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Wednesday afternoon.

The hearing was chaired by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican from California.

At the history making session five leading U.S. congressmen Rohrabacher, Russ Carnahan, Brad Sherman, Ted Poe and Louie
Gohmert all demanded right of self-determination for the Baloch people of Balochistan.

"The Baluch envision a federal state whereby the central or federal government will be responsible only for national defense, foreign
affairs, currency and national planning. All other powers will be preserved for the federating units or states," Dr. M. Hossein Bor, the
author, said in the report, which is totally untrue.

Hosseinbor's report also carries a warning against the success of the freedom movement.

"The growing insurgency in Baluchistan, if not resolved peacefully could spill over into Afghanistan, Iran and the neighboring Arab Gulf
states with large Baluch population. If the insurgents are successful through their own efforts or through direct foreign military
intervention, their stated goal is an independent Balochistan. This, in turn, could have major political, military, economic, and diplomatic
ramifications for the regional powers as well as for the U.S. policies toward the region," Hosseinbor's report to the U.S. Congress reads.

The best presentation as far as the popular aspirations of the Baloch people are concerned was submitted by Lt. Col (Retd.) Ralph
Peters. Peters made an impassioned appeal, "Pakistan's borders make no sense and don't work," and said Pakistan was not a friend of
the U.S.

Bor's report reads, "The future of Pakistan as a modern and progressive state could be guaranteed only through participation of all
national groups including the Baluch, Pashtoons, Punjabis, Sindhis and other ethnic and religious minorities with equal voice in a
federal state."

Most Baloch look upon Pakistan as a state that occupied their homeland.

There is a historical blunder also. The report talks about four insurgencies while there have been a total five insurgencies 1948, 1958,
1962, 1973 and the fifth one that peaked in 2005 but is still continuing.

Bor's report completely left out the mention of the 1962 guerilla movement called the Parari movement that was launched by Sher
Mohammad Marri, nicknamed General Sheroff by slain Pakistan premier Z.A. Bhutto.

Bor is from Western (Iran) Balochistan. He and his London-based brother Dr. M. Hassan Hossein Bor are staunch supporters of dead
Jondullah leader Abdolmalek Regi (see video).
Jondullah is an al Qaeda type Wahabi organization and its slain leader Regi was shown
on youtube cutting the throat of his brother-in-law like a sheep on a charge he was an agent.

New light has been shed by Mark Perry in a recent story on Jondullah activities in London.

The Baloch have always been proud of their secularism, but Bor's paper has repeated mention of Sunni Islam and says "overwhelming
majority of Baluch adhere to Sunni school of Islam"  an assertion which is likely to undermine the secular credentials of the Baloch
movement in the eyes of the U.S. Congress; the Baloch do not want to involve Islam in any discussion of politics.

Moreveover one in every five Baloch is from the Zikri sect and there are also shias plus splinters of other faiths like Hindus and atheists
among the Baloch.

In the past, Bor avoided speaking at Eastern (Pakistan) Balochistan events as he said his firm Entwistle & Cappucci LLP has a client
base in Pakistan and he visits that country often. Bor now says the situation has changed. In a phone talk, he said he drafted the report
in a great rush as he was told to prepare his paper late on Sunday night.

Bor had given a testimony to the U.S. Congress on March 13, focussing on Iran. In that testimony he did not devote even a single
paragraph to Eastern Balochistan.

Full testimonies of the panelists can be read at:

M. Hosseinbor, Ph.D.,

by Ahmar Mustikhan
Baltimore Foreign Policy Examiner
On Fri 10, 2012 at 11:08 AM, Dora Mohd <> wrote:

   Who appointed this Ganook to testify for eastern Balochistan. He is even not from there? his speech sucks. He is originally from Iran. He even can not
speak English very well.  We heard, he used to be a drug smuggler in Iran and was a close associate of Jundullah terrorist leader Malik Regi, who was later
arrested and hanged by Iranian revolutionary guards and Jundullah was declared by United States as a Terrorist organization.

On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 12:25 PM, Mustufa Ali <> wrote:

   His whole speech is misleading and a blunder. In his speech he wrote,  "Baluch welcomed with open arm the newly elected Govt (in Pakistan) in 2008. I
have not seen any Baloch who have accepted Pakistani Govt with open arm". This is the biggest blunder he is making. He really needs to be hit on the head
with a dirty shoe for misrepresnting Baloch demands, which is Azadee (freedom) from Pakistan and Iran not federalism. Shame on him. Who told him to
represent Baluch?

   All the Baloch should call and send letter to Congressman Dan Rohrabacher's office and ask him to trash his misleading and distorting speech in the
dust bin. He is a agent of Pakistan's ISI and Iranian revolutionary guard. No wonder he visits there often for business and doesn't get arrested.

On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 3:48 PM, Mohd Ali Baluch <> wrote:

He is promoting Jundullah's idea, which is a federal Iran, which mean permanent Ghuolami (slavery) of  Iranian Mullahs. If he wants to clean Iranian Mullah
toilets, he is free to do so, but he has no right to speak for Baloch people to mislead and confuse the world. Baloch wants nothing but freedom from Iran and

On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Barkat Ali <> wrote:

He keep saying Baluchistan was divided into two, Iranian Baluchistan and Indian Baluchistan? where the hell he got Indian Balochistan from? It was British
Balochistan, not Indian?

On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 4:15 PM, Malek Towghi, Ph.D. <> wrote;
Subject: Re: Report to US House wrongly says Balochistan wants federalism

Both, M H. and G R Hosseinborrs, continue to have close friendly, trade and professional relations with Pakistan and frequently visit that country. Both along
with some other Iranian Balochs are known for their support for the Jundullah. Both are propagandists for Islamabad. Both have a record of betraying the
Baloch cause for personal gain & fame.   

Those of us who want may write to the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, while thanking them for arranging the discussion on
Balochistan, mentioning that M. H. Hosseinborr was not the right person to represent the Baloch community on Balochistan.


Dr. Malek Towghi (Tauqee), Liaison, Baloch Human Rights International
East Lansing, Michigan, USA

--- On Thu, 2/16/12, mehrab D. <> wrote:

Subject: [balochi_culture] FW: Nako malek Towghi
To: ,
Date: Thursday, February 16, 2012, 6:42 PM

Nako malek Towghi

I believe you have left Baluchistan because you were one of the Shah’s Spies in Baluchistan who has supplied the old regime information; there are
allegations that you still have good connection with Iranian regime. Nako old habits never die, and given your circumstances you have always been an
Iranian intelligence asset if you insist I may able to support the allegations.

The others who have been jumping on your command, well they have not reveal their identities (some has we know where they are coming from), but one
has to exam their motives and what they want to propagate and where they coming from?  You had worked for the Shah’s intelligence till you were chased
out of country not by Mullah Regime but by the Baluch people who you have hurt when you were working for SAVAK.

You always firing at the others like an absolutist Stalinist but you are not a communist, you are an absolutist Shiite and claim to be Christian in order to hide
your real motive that is to maintain the Shiite state.  You were accessory to torture, you had suppressed the Baluch directly; many people went to jail and
suffered because you have spied on them. Your record speaks for itself.

Nako some people when they become old they loss their intellectual capacity, I have been told by friend of mine who know you well you are one of them. I
realised that when you were in London people in London received you as a VIP; you paid them back by humiliate yourself in public and accuse them once
you reached Stockholm. Nako you bit the hand that fed you, you have no sense of loyalty to your friends, you want please too many people in order to use

I hate to tell you because you are too old to be told and it would not change any thing if you ever changed, I do not know you personally, you may have never
hated me if I had not associated myself with the cause for independent and khan of kalat. But I did because I believe Baluchistan is one country and
occupied and divided. It is my duty to liberate and unite my country, this is not a social or ideology struggle that you and your friends trying to depict, it is the
struggle for the national liberation, you have no sense how far can I go for the national liberate. No Baluch with a sense of Baluch honour call a Baluch
terrorist, never.

The Baluch are not Iranian or Pakistani but The Baluch and Baluchistan is their country,  most of us don’t recognise the colonial boundaries. Why it hurt you,
unless you and your friend have interests to maintain Iran and Pakistan current boundary.

You are living in the country where the rule of law still govern, you should not be so sure you can accuse people and get away with it.

M. sarjov


--- On Tue, 2/21/12, at 11:08 AM, Dora Baloch <> wrote:

A thief always knows his counterpart and so does a spy or an agent. You all are a bunch of thieves and SAVAK agents.

Waja Sarjov, You are not better than Malik Towghi.  
On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 11:04 AM, Faiz Baluch <> wrote:

Khan Kalat has no support among Baloch people, both inside Balochistan and outside among Baloch Diaspora. The only two person who are supporting
him among Baloch diaspora is Dr. Wahid Baloch and Mehrab Sarjov. Mehrab Sarjov is an Iranian Baloch and according to Malik Towghi, a Baloch scholar
and liaison of Baloch human right International,  Mehrab Sarjov is working for Iranian intelligence. I heard Dr. Wahid left him over his differences on the
appointment of Hossinbor, a Jundullah associate and supporter, to testify at the hearing instead of him. Before that, Tariq Baloch, a Baloch political activist in
UK, also left Khan Kalat and called him a stunt man.

Many people in Balochistan don't like Khan Kalat and his family because of his grand father signing the
document of accession with Pakistan against the
Baloch will. Many of his family members, who are staunch supporters of Taliban,  are still minister in Balochistan Government and enjoying full Pakistan's ISI
and military support and protection. Khan Kalat, like his grandfather, is very religious. According to Waleed Gorbani, a well known Baloch activist in UK,  Khan
Kalat and his family members have called to eliminate Zikiris, a small religious minority group of Balochs in Makarn,  unless they convert to Islam.  

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer and the readers comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of
Baloch Society of North America and are therefore the sole responsibility of the author and the readers. BSO-NA will not be
responsible or liable for the contents, comments or by any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained therein in the article.
On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Barkat Ali <> wrote:

Once Khan Kalat's grandfahter was asked, Why did you join (an independent State of Kalat) with Pakistan? "I saw Prophet Muhamamd
Sallallahu Alieh Wassalam in my dream, he ordered me to join Pakistan," Khan of Kalat replied.

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