Baloch not ready to surrender
before a barber: Ataullah Mengal
KARAHCI, (SANA): Prominent Baloch leader and former chief minister Balochistan Sardar Attaullah Mengal has said that the Baloch
youth climbed on mountains for fighting and not for surrendering arms before a barber like Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

He said that Rehman Malik is always saying that the government would hold talks whit those who would surrender arms before the
government, adding that the Baloch people cannot surrender arms and honor before a barber.

In an interview with a private TV channel, he said that the president can be removed by a person which is powerful then the president,
adding that army and ISI are powerful than president.

He said that the prime minister is used to deal with his followers and he become the prime minister and dealing with the country, adding
that the prime minister cannot save president in memo case and the president had been to Dubai with the consultation of army and
returned to home on their surety.

He said that it is natural that the president type people when slipped from his original position then they can not stand on their potion
again, adding that it is possible that it may be possible that president has something stand on his potion.

He said that he is unable to do anything to return the Baloch youth back from the mountains, adding that the only solution is to address
the grievances of Baloch youth and return the missing Baloch people to their families.

He said that the responsible should be punished so that the people saw them as punished, adding that beside of punishing them the
government is showering flowers on them and telling the bereaved people to surrender.

He said that Rehman Malik talking like barbers, adding that the Baloch people cannot surrender their weapons and honour before a

Replying to a question regarding the popularity of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf he said that it not possible without the support of military and
South Asian News Agency (SANA) ⋅ December 26, 2011