Baloch leader meets US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, draw
his attention to the Balochistan's situation.
WASHINGTON, D.C. Nov. 20, 2012. President of Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA), Dr. Wahid Baloch met with US Secretary of Defense Mr.
Leon Panetta, at the event titled "
A Conversation with The Honorable Leon Panetta United States Secretary of Defense" organized by the
Center for New  American Security (CNAS), Washington D.C., to draw his attention to the ongoing military operation, human right violations and
enforced involuntary disappearances in Pakistani and Iranian occupied Balochistan.

"On both sides of the border, the foreign occupying forces are engaged, with full impunity, in genocide and systemic elimination of Baloch leaders,
students, teachers, intellectuals and political activists" he wrote in a letter that he gave to Secretary.

"Thousands of Baloch have lost their lives in this non-ending unresolved conflict. Many hundreds of other Baloch have been kidnapped by Pakistan
ISI and Iranian security forces remain missing and are lingering in military torture cells and unknown military camps", he wrote in his letter.

"Balochistan, the land of 16 millions worldwide Balochs, despite being rich in natural resources has been kept by the occupying forces poor and
extremely backward. There are no roads or any other infrastructures of modern conveniences and the Baloch people live below the poverty line", he

"Balochistan is bleeding and calls for international intervention. International Intervention is long overdue and it must be carried out by the UN and
international Community, without any further delay, to save the lives of Baloch people", he wrote.

He asked the Secretary Leon Panetta to put pressure on Pakistan and Iran to end their illegal and unjust occupation
of Balochistan.

"We believe that a free independent democratic Balochistan is in the best interest of the larger cause of liberty, human rights, and
democracy. It, will, not only help defeat the Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists, but will also weaken Pakistan’s and Iran’s ability to export terror
and keep China off of Gwadar and Persian Gulf",
he argued in his letter.

Dr. Baloch, in the past, also met US Vice President Joe Biden and several other top US lawmakers, including Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, Gary
Ackerman, Russ Feingold, Brad Sherman, former ambassadors Zalmay Khalilzad and John Bolton, among others, to inform them about Balochistan.

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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Credit: Photo