September 18, 2012

NEW YORK -- (United Nations):
 A highly successful peaceful protest rally, held in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York, demanded from the UN and the world
community to intervene in war torn Balochistan, where the ongoing Pakistani and Iranian military aggression, gross human right violations, war crimes and Genocide have surpassed
all limits.

The protester were chanting slogan:

STOP the human Right Violations in Balochistan,
STOP the human Right Violations in Sindh,
STOP the human Right Violations in Pashtunistan,
STOP the human Right Violations in Pakistan,
STOP the human Right Violations of minorities in Pakistan,
STOP Killing in Balochistan,
STOP military Operation in Balochistan,
STOP the Genocide of Baloch Nation,
Wake up, Wake up UNO,
UNO we want intervention,
UNO we want Freedom,
UNO we want Justice,
FREE FREE Balochistan,
END THE OCCUPATION of Balochistan,
China Hands OFF Balochistan,
China Hands OFF GWADAR,  and
Long live Baloch-Sindhi-Pashtun unity.

The rally was organized by Washington DC based Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA), Balochistan National Congress (BNC) and Moscow based Balochunity organization and
was attended by many members of Baloch, Sindhi, Pashtun and Hindu communities living in North America. Dr. Jumma Marri, the President of Balochunity, came all the way from
Moscow to attend the protest.

Dr. Wahid Baloch, the President of BSO-NA and chief organizer of the rally called upon the UN secretary General and the world leaders to intervene in Balochsitan in order to save the
lives of the Baloch people.

"Balochistan was never a part of Pakistan or Iran, but an Independent sovereign state and was illegally occupied, divided and forcefully annexed into these countries against the Baloch
will and consent. Both Pakistan and Iran are in violations of International law by occupying Balochistan illegally against the Baloch will and consent", he said.

" We want the End of the illegal occupation and re-unification of our land Balochistan. We are one Nation as Baloch. we have been divided by artificially drawn borders, which we do not
recognize. These artificially drawn borders are separating us from our friends and families", he continued.

"Mr. Secretary-General, Our land, Balochistan, must be re-united and our families must live together in peace with honor and dignity in our own homeland, Balochistan", he told the UN
Secretary-General and the world leaders, who were gathered here in New York for the opening of 67th session of UN General Assembly.

"Like any other nation in the world, it our inalienable right to be re-united and to live as one Nation, as Balochs, in our own homeland Balochistan", he said.

He said that under the occupation, the Baloch people are being subjected to systemic discrimination, harassment, intimidation, threats, aggression, politically marginalization, torture,
disappearances, “kill and dump‘ and Genocide by Pakistan and Iran.

"The Balochcidal policies are in place since the illegal occupation of Balochistan and Balochistan has been turned into the killing fields by Pakistani and Iranian military and Balochs
are under siege and are living in fear and in hopelessness in their own homeland, Balochistan," he said.

"Mr. Secretary-General, all we are asking from the UN to live up to its mission and fulfill its obligations towards Balochistan. We demand from the UN Security council and the world
leaders to pass the bold and historic resolution on Balochistan, under the UN article# 7, to save the lives of defenseless Baloch people in occupied Balochistan before it is too late", Dr.
Baloch demanded.

To read the full text of Dr. Wahid Baloch's speech, please click >>

Dr. Jumma Marri, president of Balochunity, Moscow, in his speech, called upon the UN to make Pakistan comply with conventions on enforced disappearance and torture it brazenly
refuses to sign.

"This attitude has encouraged Pakistan to flout all laws and norms regarding human rights and civil liberties in Balochistan", he said.

He said that, " the situation in Balochistan is no secret because even the Chief Justice of its Supreme Court laments the human right abuses and extra-judicial killings by the premier
intelligence agencies, the Army and the Frontier Corps. He on record has blamed them and summoned them to court but the abductions, killing and subsequent dumping has not only
continued but increased substantially".

"As if to prove their point these institutions with the start of the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (WGEID) mission’s visit on September 10th have started
dumping the brutally tortured bodies of hitherto missing persons. The Pakistani state wants to ensure that next time around there would be no fact-finding missions here to uncover
their atrocities and excesses against the Baloch people", he elaborated.

Dr. Marri appealed to the conscience of the world to help Baloch get their inalienable right to freedom from Pakistan.  

To read the full text of Dr. Jumma Marri's speech, please click >>

The protest rally was also addressed by several prominent Sindhi, Pashtun and Hindu community leader and activists. Mashal Khan Takkar, the Founder of Great Afghanistan Movement
(GAM), in his inspiring and heart warming speech said that all Pashtun stand by their Baloch brothers in their quest for freedom and justice. He said Baloch-Pashtun are bonded in
strong bonds of brotherhood relationship for centuries." My dear brothers, now the time has come that we must unite as a single force for a single cause to preach freedom -- freedom
and only freedom from Pakistan. Long live great Afghanistan and long live great Balochistan", he concluded his speech.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Unar of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz and Habib Bhutto, the central acting president of Jeay Sindh student Federation, deplored Pakistan's atrocities and human right
violations in Sindh and ask for a full UN investigation of their leader Bashir Ahmaed Qureshi's murder by Pakistan agencies.

The leader of the Hindu community of New York said in his speech that Hindus in Balochistan and Sindh are being persecuted just because of their religion and are being subjected to
kidnapping for ransom and forced conversion to Islam against their will, and are being forced to leave their ancestral home in Sindh and Balochistan."This has to stop", he said.

"The UN must pressure Pakistan to respect the rights of Hindus and the rights of all other minorities in Pakistan and provide them full safety and security", he demanded.

Arshad Umrani, the president of Balochistan Strategy Forum, USA (BSF), who came from Chicago with Hammal Baloch and  Qurratulain Umrani to join the protest, denounced
Pakistani state terrorism against the Baloch and Sindhi people in Sindh and Balochistan and  reiterated his full support for Baloch people. He condemned the violence and
assassination of US ambassador Chris Steven along with three other Americans heroes. "We respect all religions but there is no room for violence and murder of innocent people in
the name of religion," he said. Qurratulain Umrani distributed a flyer highlighting the conflict and military operation in Balochistan.


  1. This protest  strongly condemn the ongoing military operation, human right violations, arbitrary arrests, extra judicial killing, "kill and dump" policies, disappearance, genocide
    and Pakistani and Iranian State terrorism against the defenseless Baloch, Sindhi and Pashtun people in Balochistan, Pashtunistan and Sindh.
  2. This protest denounce the illegal and unjust occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan and Iran and demands from the UN and International community to physically intervene in
    Balochistan and send peace keeping troops on the ground in Balochistan to end the illegal occupation of Balochistan and save the lives of Baloch people.
  3. This protest welcome the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (WGEID) fact finding mission’s visit in Balochistan and ask the UN to do more to stop
    Pakistani and Iranian ongoing aggression against the defenseless Baloch people in occupied Balochistan.
  4. This protest denounce the artificially drawn British borders of the Durand line and Goldsmith line and demands the redrawing of the map of the region based on ethnic, linguistic
    and cultural lines and peaceful balkanization of Pakistan on ethnic, linguistic and cultural lines to eliminate and eradicate Islamic extremism and terrorism once and for all.
  5. This protest strongly condemn the violence, terrorism and extremism in all of its forms and shapes.
  6. This protest strongly condemns the looting and plunder of Baloch resources by Pakistan, Iran, China and all other private companies, including Barrack Gold, who are involved in
    the exploration of Balochistan’s rich mineral resources and ask Chinese Government and all these other companies to stop their robbing of Baloch resources without the
    Baloch consent and to leave Balochistan peacefully until its freedom and sovereignty is restored. Once Balochistan is free, they can resume their work with Baloch consent and
  7. This protest demands from the US government and world community to declare Pakistan and Iran as terrorist states and suspend all military and economic aid to Pakistan until
    Pakistan complies with the UN and international laws, respects, honors and safeguards human rights and stops its terror campaign against the Baloch, Sindhi, Pashtun people
    and all religious minorities, including Hindu, Sikh and Christian in Pakistan, scraps off its nuclear weapons and stops supporting and financing global jihad and Islamic
  8. This protest strongly condemns the ongoing daily intimidation, harassment, killings, attack and burning of Hindus, Christian, Sikh and other minorities in Pakistan by Pakistani
    Taliban and Islamic extremists and fanatics and asks the UN and world community to take notice of these inhuman acts and ensure the safety and security of all minorities in
  9. This protest strongly condemns the government of Pakistan for failing to provide security and safety to the lives, places of worship and properties of the Pakistani religious
  10. This protest strongly condemns the arrest and kidnapping of Baloch Diaspora Political leader and human right activist Ehsan Aarjumandi, a Norwegian citizen, who was
    kidnapped by the Pakistani ISI on August 7, 2009, in Pakistani occupied Balochistan. This protest calls upon the UN, human right organizations, the US and Norwegian
    governments to ensure his safety, security and immediate safe release.
  11. This protest demands the honorable return and rehabilitation of all Baloch IDP's in their homes in Balochistan and ask the UN to provide them with security and desperately
    needed food, water, shelter and medicine.

At the end of the protest a
MEMORANDUM addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban ki-moon, along with facts and figures and photos of missing persons and a flayer titled "The case for
Balochistan", was submitted by Dr. Wahid Baloch and Dr. Jumma Marri at the UN Secretariat-office.

The Text of MEMORANDUM is as follows:



September 18, 2012


The His Excellency Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General,
United Nations,
UN Secretariat, New York, NY 10007

Mr. Secretary-General,

We would like to bring some of the facts about Balochistan to your kind attention and to the attention of the world’s leaders who are here for the attendance of 67th UN General
Assembly session, so that there should be no confusion or misunderstanding about Balochistan.

Here are some of the facts.

*        1839: The British army invaded and occupied Balochistan.

*        British Chief Commissioner Maj. General Gold-smith divided Balochistan into Two parts: The Western Part was given to Iran. The Eastern Part was kept as, “The British

*        1872: The Western Part was further divided between Iran and Afghanistan.

*        In 1947: When British rule ended in indo-pak subcontinent Balochistan emerged as an independent State.

*       On August 11, 1947: The Khan of Kalat (Ruler of Balochistan) declared the independence of Balochistan and Mr. Jinnah (Creator and founder of Pakistan) signed the proclamation
of Balochistan's sovereignty under the Khan of Kalat on August 12, 1947, which reads, “The Government of Pakistan recognizes Kalat as an independent and autonomous state.  It has
enjoyed bilateral relations with the British Government and its status has been different than the other Indian states.” However, Pakistan leader persuades Khan and insists that he join

*        Khan Kalat called the grand Jirga and the Upper and lower house meeting to discuss the idea of merger with Pakistan.

*       Both the upper and lower houses and Jirga strongly opposed and unanimously rejected the Idea of merger with Pakistan and stated to remain independence. The House, after
long debate, adopted the following resolution unanimously on December 14, 1947". Relations with Pakistan should be established as between two sovereign states through a treaty
based upon friendship and not accession."

*        On January 14, 1948, the meeting of House of Lords adopted the following resolution." This House does not recognize a merger with Pakistan because this would endanger the
separate identity of the Baloch Nation."

*        The leader of house Ghous Baksh Bezenjo in his famous speech said, “We can not sign on the death warrant of millions of Baloch by signing the merger document with Pakistan.”

*       March 1948, Pakistan army invaded Balochistan, and forced Khan Kalat to sign the document of accession under duress against the Baloch people’s will and mandate.

The rest of the history of Balochistan, under the illegal occupation, is of blood and tears. On both sides of the border, the foreign occupying forces are engaged, with full impunity, in
genocide and systemic elimination of Baloch leaders, students, teachers, intellectuals and political activists. There passes not a single day when a Baloch mother, father, brother or
sister does not collect the bullet riddle tortured and mutilated body of their loved one, killed by ISI death squads or Iranian terrorist revolutionary guards. Thousands of Baloch have lost
their lives in this non-ending unresolved conflict. Many hundreds of other Baloch have been kidnapped by Pakistan ISI and Iranian security forces remain missing and are lingering in
military torture cells and unknown military camps.

Balochistan, the land of 16 millions worldwide Balochs, despite being rich in natural resources has been kept by the occupying forces poor and extremely backward. There are no roads
or any other infrastructures of modern conveniences and the Baloch people live below the poverty line.

The Baloch people, who are secular, moderate and pro-democratic, share nothing with extremists of Pakistan and Iran. Our language, culture and secular traditions are completely
different from that of the terrorist and extremist states of Pakistan and Iran. Both of these countries are in violation of International law by occupying Balochistan illegally against the
Baloch will and consent.

Mr. Secretary-General, Balochistan is bleeding and calls for international intervention. International Intervention is long overdue and it must be carried out by the UN and international
Community, without any further delay, to save the lives of Baloch people. We ask the UN and the International community to pressure Pakistan and Iran to end their illegal and unjust
occupation of Balochistan.

All occupying foreign forces must leave Balochistan and Balochistan’s status as an independent sovereign state must be restored according to the international laws. Balochs must
exercise their inalienable right to life, liberty and pursue of happiness freely and independently without any fear, intimidation or persecution.  It is unjust to force Baloch people to live with
terrorists and extremists against their will.

Mr. Secretary-General, We believe that a free independent democratic Balochistan is in the best interest of the larger cause of liberty, human rights, and democracy. It, will, not only help
defeat the Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists, but will also weaken Pakistan’s and Iran’s ability to export terror.

The United Nation has an obligation to protect the weak and oppressed defenseless nations around the world and Balochistan should not be excluded or exempt from this obligation.  
The UN should not be selective when it comes to the human right violations and the violations of the UN charters and international laws. The Baloch Nation should not be left to stand-

If the UN can intervene in East Timor, Bosnia, Libya, Sudan and Syria, why not in Balochistan?

Thank you Mr. Secretary-General.


Dr. Wahid Baloch, President                                                                         Dr. Jumma Khan Marri, President
Baloch Society of North America                                                                  Balochunity, Moscow, Russia.             
Suit 300                                                                           E-Mail:                      
Washington D.C.,                                                                                Website:
Baloch Rally at the UN demands
international intervention in Balochistan