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Gohram’s relatives seek his release
By Our Staff Reporter

KARACHI, Dec 13, 2006: The relatives of Gowaram Saleh allegedly picked up by security agencies in 2004 announced on Wednesday that
they would again stage a sit-in outside the Karachi Press Club on Thursday and would continue their hunger strike till his release.

Flanked by her mother and other family members, 12-year-old Sheerin Gowaram narrated how her father Gowaram Saleh and her uncle
Behram Saleh were arrested by the agency. “Although my uncle has been released as a result of the efforts made by human rights, NGOs
activists and other organisations, whereabouts of my father could not be known yet,” she said.

She said one could realize the mental agonies suffered during the last 28 months by her family members who had approached all legal
forums for the release of her father and “we have great apprehensions about his life.” She threatened that her family members had decided
to commit self-immolation outside a foreign mission if her father was not released by December 31.

She lauded the role of media in highlighting their case a few months back when they observed hunger-strike outside Karachi Press Club.

Also present in the press conference were family members of Ghulam Mohammad Baloch and Sher Mohammd Baloch, who were allegedly
kidnapped by agencies personnel from Kalri area of Lyari Town in the first week of December.

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