The name of the organization is the Baloch Society Of North America hereafter referred to as the

ARTICLE 2:  Aims and OBJECTIVE    

BSO-NA is a non-profit organization with the following objectives:  

1.        To Unite and Organize all Baloch in North America and to Lobby for Baloch people in United
States, Canada and United Nation.
2.        To expose the Occupation our lands (Balochistan), Exploitations of our resources and
Oppression of our people by Pakistani and Iranian Governments and to bring their human right
violations in Balochistan into the world Notice.
3.        To use all democratic means to introduce and promote, in North America, the Baloch struggle
for freedom, full autonomy and self-rule in Balochistan.
4.        To promote Baloch-American and Baloch-Canadian Friendship, Understanding and Co-
operation and through organized events, meetings and conferences.
5.        To work with US and Canadian Law makers to promote global peace, freedom and justice for
all people.
6.        To introduce, promote and preserve Balochi Culture and language in North America.


Membership is available to all Baloch living in North America, who supports Baloch Cause and the
vision of BSO-NA.


1.        General Body:  It will consist all the members of BSO-NA and shall be the highest Authority. It
will amend the Constitution and Laws OF BSO-NA by 2/3 of majority Votes and elect its Leadership
hence referred as  “
The Executive Committee” for a Term Period of One Year through secret ballot at
its annual General Body meeting. The Executive Committee consists of President, Vice President,
General Secretary and Treasurer.
2.        President: The President will be the highest Leader of the Organization and will lead the BSO-
NA in an effective way by following its Objectives and Rules and Laws. The President has the power
to suspend or remove any member found to be violating the BSO-NA Constitution and Laws or
working against the Baloch Cause.
3.         Voice President: Will be in charge in the absence of President.
4.        Secretary General: Will prepare the annual general body’s meeting Agenda and Coordinate
with President on Organization’s activities.
5.        Treasurer: Will be in charge of BSO-NA funds and assets.
updated :  July 5, 2005
Baloch Society Of North America