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Please send your donations, check or money orders for the victims of this natural disaster to the following address. We will make sure
you donation reaches to the victims on time. Thank you for your help and generosity.
Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA)
Suit 300
Washington D.C.,
    Baloch Society Of North America (BSO_NA)
                Baloch Society Of North America (BSO_NA) is Non-Profit Organization, working to unite and Organize all Baloch in North
           America, to expose the Occupation and  Oppressive policies of Pakistani and Iranian Governments  against Baloch
                      people and our Baloch land (Balochistan), and to bring their Human Rights Violations in Balochistan into the world’s Notice.
Declaration of Human Rights
This poor man holding his head,lost
This poor women lost every thing too crying for help, after tropical storm and torrential rains damaged their houses in Pakistani
occupied Balochistan, after heavy rain and storm cyclone hit the Coastal area of Makran killing more than 260 people and rendering
some 250,000 homeless and more than 400,000 people have been displaced.
Displaced homeless kids and women
wondering where to go?
Scared Balochi Kids, asking for food.
More Cry for help
June 28, 2007: An aerial view of flooded areas of Pasni city in Pakistani Occupied Balochistan, after a tropical storm hit coastal areas of  
Baochistan . More than 260 people have died and about  900,000 people have been effected affected a cyclone and heavy rain with flooding.
Almost all roads and infrastructures have been damaged by flood water.

Please help. Send your donations check or money order to:
Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA)
Suit 300
Washington D.C.,
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