Declaration of Human Rights
Baloch Society Of North America (BSO_NA)
Baloch Society Of North America (BSO_NA) is Non-Profit Organization, working to unite and Organize
all Baloch in North America, to expose the Occupation of our land (Balochistan)  and  exploitations of
our resources by  Pakistani and Iranian Governments, and to bring their Human Rights Violations in
Balochistan into the world’s Notice.
Karachi: Baloch Mothers carrying the pictures of their sons and their Children carrying the Photos of their Father
asking their release  from the Pakistani secret detentions. Pakistani secret agencies have kidnapped thousands
Baloch and Sindhi Political activists  since last years and many of them are missing or lingering in Pakistani
secret jails without any trial for months or even for years.
Karachi: The Banner reads,'" United Nation and International community must take Notice of  thousand of Baloch
dispappearances and kidnappings by Pakistani state secret agencies".
BSO Karachi Chapter.
Karachi: Mothers and childrens on hunger strike for the release of their love one from Pksiatni secret illegal
A Baloch kid's plea to Pakistani Rulers: You all have sons and daughters  too. "Please let my Dad go free".
I miss my dad very much.
A Call to human conscious.
This poor Baloch Mother is on hunger strike for more than three months in front of Karachi press club
demanding the release of her son Gohram Saleh Baloch, kidnapped by Pakistani secret agencies on
August 8th, 2004, but Pakistani dictators have no ears to hear her plea. They do not realize the pain that
this mother and many other Baloch mothers are going through for missing their loved one. Someone ask
Pakistani military dictators for what crimes they are being detained for years without any court trail or
charges? Is there any one on this earth who can provide justice for Balochs?