Dr. Wahid. Baloch
Dr. Wahid Baloch

Dr. Wahid Baloch is the leading Baloch political activist in North America. He is the founder and President of Baloch Society of North America
(BSO-NA), an organization dedicated to highlight the plights of Baloch people in Balochistan. BSO-NA, the first established Baloch human rights
organizations in North America, was formed to educate the American people and the world community about Balochistan, exploitation of its
resources and to bring the human right violations in
Balochistan into world's notice.
Dr. Baloch is originally from Balochistan, (Pakistan). He graduated as a physician from Bolan Medical College, University of Balochistan, Quetta, in 1990 and immigrated to United
States in 1992, He is a US citizen, actively involved in highlighting the plights of Baloch people in North America and all around the world.

Dr. Baloch have met with
Vice President Joe Biden and many other top US Senators and Congressmen, including late Ted Kenedy of Massachusetts, Chuck Schumer of New York,
Dick Durbin of Illinois, Gary Ackerman of New York, Brad Sherman of California and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and brought their attention to the ongoing Pakistani and Iranian
human right violations in his native homeland Balochistan. He travelled all over the world to campaign for Baloch human rights. He attended the United Nations Human right council
meeting in
Geneva, Switzerland and IDSA annual meeting in New Delhi, India. He is a peaceful political activist who believe in peaceful and legal means of struggle and is against
violence and terrorism in its all form. He can be reached at Tel:
Tel: e-mail:
Vice President Joe Biden
and Dr. Wahid. Baloch
Senator Late Ted Kennedy
and Dr. Wahid Baloch
Congressman Russ Feingold
and Dr. Wahid Baloch
Congressman Gary Ackerman
and Dr. Wahid Baloch
His Excellency Zalmay Khalilzad
and Dr. Wahid Baloch
His Excellency Qubad Talabani
and Dr. Wahid Baloch