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Baloch and Sindhis in London
Demonstrated  Against the Killing
of Baloch Nationalist Leader
Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti

LONDON: Hundreds of Baloch and Sindhis gathered in
London and demonstrated outside the British prime
minister house on 3 September 2006 at 1pm local time
and asked for international intervention in Balochistan to
Stop the Criminal Pakistani Military Operation in
The demonstrators had held placards with slogans ‘We
condemn the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti by Pakistan
govt’ Stop supplying arms to Pakistan’ Shame on
Pakistani Army’ shame on Musharraf’ Pakistan is
Mother of Evils’ Nawab Bugti shall live in our hearts and
minds for ever’ No Pakistan, No Al Qaeda’ We demand
international intervention in Balochistan’ Stop Criminal
Pakistani Military Operation in Balochistan’
The demonstration was addressed by prominent Baloch
and Sindhi leaders who strongly condemned the killing of
Nawab Akbar Bugti. Amongst the Speakers were Mr.
Hussain of Greater Balochistan National Congress, Dr
Doshoki of BUF, Jamshid Amiri of BUF-D, Rahim Baloch of
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Declaration of Human Rights
Baloch Society Of North America (BSO_NA)
Baloch Society Of North America (BSO_NA) is Non-Profit Organization, working to unite and Organize
all Baloch in North America, to expose the Occupation of our land (Balochistan)  and  exploitations of
our resources by  Pakistani and Iranian Governments, and to bring their Human Rights Violations in
Balochistan into the world’s Notice.