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Baloch Society Of North America (BSO_NA)
Baloch Society Of North America (BSO_NA) is Non-Profit Organization, working to unite and Organize
all Baloch in North America, to expose the Occupation of our land (Balochistan)  and  exploitations of
our resources by  Pakistani and Iranian Governments, and to bring their Human Rights Violations in
Balochistan into the world’s Notice.
Pakistani police fired tear
gas at cyclone victims

Turbat, June 29, 2007

Pakistani Police fired tear gas and bullets
on the peaceful angry protesters of
cyclone victims, killing 3 and injuring
dozens on Friday as around 12,000
people marched on the local government
office in the flood-hit southwestern town
of Turbat to demand help, saying they had
received no relief goods since Cyclone
Yemyin struck on Tuesday.
"Our homes have been destroyed, there has been no drinking water and no food for the last four days," Ghulam
Jan, 27, a farmer from a nearby village, told AFP during the protest. "No government official or agency is helping
us. We have no place to go, there is water everywhere," Jan said. Sixteen people were injured in the protest,
including the local police chief, officials said.

Most of Turbat was submerged and people sat on the roofs of their huts and mosques. After days of braving the
rain they now faced blazing heat after the clouds finally cleared.

Khuda Bakhsh Baloch (KBB), the Baluchistan provincial relief commissioner, said that 1.1 million people were now
known to have been affected by the cyclone and subsequent floods after figures from another district came in.
Around 250,000 of them are homeless, while at least 261 have died and officials say the death toll is likely to rise
once the waters subside.

"The situation is serious, we know that people are suffering," Baloch told AFP. "The more rain that comes, the worse
it gets." Yesterday we started providing aid for a few hours, we saved some lives but we couldn't do it properly
because we don't have enough helicopters and the relief goods for the victims".

"The military has dozen of helicopters and many cargo planes for dropping bombs on Baloch freedom fighters and
villagers, but none for airdropping water, food, and medicine to people in the disaster zone," said Dr. Malik Baloch of
National Party in a press conference at the Quetta Press club. He blamed the Pakistani Govt for doing nothing for
the Victims of Balochistan's Cyclone disaster.
TURBAT: Hundreds of BSO members protested against the Pakistani Government demanding end of military
     operation in Balochistan. Several student were arrested and taken into local jail . Photo ASSAP
Turbat City: Submerged by Flood Water.
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