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Declaration of Human Rights
Baloch Society Of North America (BSO_NA)
Baloch Society Of North America (BSO_NA) is Non-Profit Organization, working to unite and Organize
all Baloch in North America, to expose the Occupation of our land (Balochistan)  and  exploitations of
our resources by  Pakistani and Iranian Governments, and to bring their Human Rights Violations in
Balochistan into the world’s Notice.
An open letter to International Community


The ongoing violation of basic human rights in Balochistan by the Iranian regime is a serious concern to us and
people of Balochistan. The authoritarian regime of Iran has recently launched a fresh sever onslaught on Baloch
people, on activists for democracy and on human rights of people in Balochistan.

Regime by denying such rights to people, Balochistan is made a vast militarized zone. In 2006 alone thousands of
armed forces assisted by similar numbers of par-military forces were deployed in Balochistan. In addition the
regime has begun to build a vast wall along the borders with Afghanistan & Pakistan. The only objective of this
policy by the regime to erect such a wall is to prevent Baloch people of all sides (Iran-Afghanistan-Pakistan) from
having interactions and communications, and from sharing cultural values.

We consider the construction of this wall as making Balochistan a giant prison to Baloch people. It is worth noting
that all these unnecessary and cruel measures are being taken and declared to the world under the bogus pretext
of ‘war on drug trafficking and of course Al-Qaida’.

In late November 2006, the Iranian authorities took many diplomats from the European embassies from Tehran to
Zahidan, the capital of Balochistan to oversee the build up of armed forces of the regime and implementation of its
project to construct the wall. The European representatives also met with the “butcher judge” of the regime the
cleric Nikonam.

The regime hand-picked this savage cleric and sent him from Tehran to Zahidan-Balochistan to suppress and
crash the Baloch movement for democracy and right of self-determination. The cleric butcher since his arrival in
Balochistan has been issuing mass arrest and sentenced many people to long-term prison. A large number of
them are sentenced to death by hanging, and their sentences were carried out in public places and squares in
different cities in Balochistan.  

The atrocities of the regime in Balochistan and other parts of Iran are being overshadowed by the nuclear stand off.
In our view the international community is also to be concerned for the grotesque violation of human rights and
crackdown on movement for democracy in Iran. Of course the concern for the nuclear issue with the regime is
paramount to the security and stability of the region since the regime is ideologically fanatic and irresponsible in
character and deed. Meanwhile the regime in the stand off with international community has been taking utmost
advantage to crash in a savage manner with full force and all available cruel means the basic democratic rights of
citizens of Iran, and to deny their legitimate demands and crash their civic protests.

Mass arrest, torture, execution and sudden disappearance of activists for democracy in Iran has been intensified to
an alarming level akin to early revolution era since Ahmadinejad assumed office. The regime has been arresting
political activists under the fabricated accusation of being foreign spy, and sentencing them as traitors without a fair
and proper trial and denying them any access to a defence lawyer. The treachery carries death sentence in Iran.

Baluchistan National Movement – Iran has been fighting against the regimes for inflicting injustices upon people of
Balochistan for the past 30 years. BNM- Iran is a political, democratic and secular organization which strives for the
right of self-determination of Balochistan, human rights and democratic rights of other nations of Iran. Our sphere
of political activity is Balochistan. Balochistan is the largest province in Iran but in contrast to its vastness it is the
poorest and most deprived region in Iran.

In Balochistan, Baloch people are being systematically denied education in their own mother tongue - Balochi,
culture and religious rights and functions. More importantly, the national identity of Baloch people as a nation is
denied outright by the regime. The denial of Baloch identity by regime is in apparent contrast to the Declaration of
Human Rights, UN’s Charter and to the spirit of liberty.

In 2006 where in developed countries of the World the struggle was for more individualistic rights, Baloch people
were confronted with a brutal regime which denied them their natural and national rights of recognition as a nation.
Nevertheless our nation is not without hope. We firmly believe that in coming years the international community
would take a proactive stand and would support our nation’s desire to right of self-determination, recognition of our
nation’s identity, for democracy and human rights in Iran.

Baluchistan National Movement (ZROMBESH) – Iran
January 2007

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